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Hello, beautiful moons 🙂 My name is Tiana the scientist that controls the universe of this blog.

 If there was a word I would want to be used for people to describe Fablemoon Says, it would be nourishing, friendly and supportive. My goal will always be to help even if I just help one person.

You have stumbled on this page I totally get you

Maybe you-

  • Are wanting to craft something
  • Are struggling with your mental health
  • Know someone who is struggling with their mental health
  • Looking for some extra help in life
  • Are looking for resources
  • Wish to feel less alone
  • Want a place to belong
  • Believe animals are better than humans
  • Are a starseed

I have been in your shoes. I suffer from various mental health issues. It can suck and be lonely sometimes. We can get through this together. Know that there are people who love you even if at the moment it does not feel like it.

What can you expect?

  • Guidance
  • Understanding
  • Nourishment
  • Tips
  • A place to belong
  • Information you never knew
  • Some insight into my life
  • A friend
  • Stories
  • Truth

The blog backstory

Fablemoon Says means stories from the moon.

I have always been drawn to the moon. It gives me a vast amount of information and inspiration. That was my thought process when coming up with the name.

Moon+stories+words= fable moon says

I wanted to incorporate my short stories based on a character I created somewhere and somehow in the blog. There is a few posts where I am able to do this. I wish to continue to do this as it is fun for me
How to be single on Valentines day is one example

This is not the first blog I have created. There was maybe 4-6 before. None of them worked out because it was niches that were scattered. It was not content I was happy with.

It was until 2019 or so when I realized why I wanted to write, what I wanted to accomplish with blogging. 2021 has been a struggle since I have still been looking deeper inside to make sure what I want is right for me. Trying to make blogging into a money-making and helpful outlet for me

Blogging for me has always been to help that one person who needs it. In hopes that person helps someone else and so on. If I keep this mentality in the back of my mind then the money and everything else will flow.

So let’s go on this journey together. Help each other out and help the world. I try to post every Sunday.

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Enjoy, Tiana xx

 In the future, I wish to work at a pets hotel since I can’t imagine not working with animals. I also want to keep working on my writing and this blog. I do hope to continue to grow Fablemoon Says

Why should I listen to you when you can’t control your own mental health issues??
That is a very good question. I am no doctor nor do I claim to be one. The answer is I am taking the knowledge that I have learned and hoping that it helps you.
 What works for you may not work for me and reversed.

Let’s be friends 



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