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My name is Tiana the scientist who controls the universe of this blog. (Not a real scientist. Wish I was an astronomer)

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 Out of this World Self Growth Lessons+ Tips 

If you continue to learn then you will continue to grow

Feel like you are trapped as an ugly coccon that will never transform into a beautiful butterfly? I feel you. Which is why you have come to the right place.

Fablemoon Says will help guide you on your journey into the most beautiful butterfly imaginable. I will be here to hold your hand. This journey will be long and hard but worth it

Maybe I can’t change the world but I could change someone’s world

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The Mindfulness section is all about being in the present moment. This section includes helping you stay productive

The Relationship Development section is all about helping with all kinds of relationships. This section includes dealing with toxic people, books, being a positive influence on people

The Quotes section is all quotes. I love quotes

The Habits section includes posts on various habits that you should have and those which impair your life

The Lessons section has some great lessons you can learn from life and even from celebrities

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About Me

  • Lover of animals
  • Kobe Bryant superfan
  • New York Yankees
  • Intj
  • Virgo
  • Rabbit
  • Hufflepuff
  • Love Harry Potter and Titanic
  • Love Backstreet Boys, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson
  • Wish to go to a Yankees game in New York and go to Los Angeles
  • Love nature

My superpowerintuition

  • I hate people who abuse animals and people
  • The colors orange and brown
  • The Boston Celtics, New England Patriots


In the future,

I wish to work at a pet hotel since I can’t imagine not working with animals. I also want to keep working on my writing and this blog. I do hope to continue to grow Fablemoon Says

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