20 New, Best Journal Prompts for Spring

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Spring has sprung my fellow Earthlings. With the blooming of the new season, comes fresh inspiration. Head outdoors as we explore the new and best journal prompts for this beautiful season

We all know journaling is a great way to relieve stress. With spring comes the warming of temperatures, blooming of flowers, birds mating, animals coming out of hibernation… This spring is a perfect time to get our journals out and start writing

Make sure to return in the summer, fall and winter for more season journal prompts. For now, let us get on to those best, new spring journal prompts.

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What spring means to me

What I love about spring

The best spring memories I have

Describe spring. Use all 5 senses- hear, sight, smell, taste, feel

If I could choose 1 lyric, song or poem for spring it would be

Flowers, birds, groundhogs oh my!! These are my favorite spring animals

Protip- keep a space for all the animals you see this spring. Bonus points if you identify the species aka Cardinal

spring activities journal prompt- purple flowers
I personally love badminton
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Things I love making, eating, and drinking in the spring

If I could bring anyone alive or dead on a spring picnic, it would be

I personally would choose my baby Kobe

Genuis picnic basket with insulated basket and table

My dream spring break vacation

Spring goals

My favorite thing to do indoors while it is raining

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What kind of flowers I would have in my garden

Write a story about spring using the words- date, flowers, rain, mission

You have discovered or invented a new species of animal and plant. Describe how you got it, the looks and the name

Write down your spring favorite drink and food. Add any recipes you have

cross, giving up something for lent

Write a fake story of how spring was first discovered

Write a letter to Mother Nature

Write down the perfect April fools joke


This spring, your mission is to write more outside, at least 10 minutes a week, and do something you have never done.

I am going to the casino. Not outdoors but I have never been to one.

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