8 Signs You Are A Positive Influence on People

Have you ever wondered what people think of you? Of course, you have because everyone does. I don’t care but I do want people to think I have a positive influence.

Here are the top 8 signs you are a great influence on people you meet and know.

Reasons to be a positive influence

  1. it will make you happier
  2. it encourages others
  3. helps with your legacy
  4. it can get you a mate
  5. you are helping someone else life
  6. there is no reason to be a negative influence anyways
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A positive person encourages others’ dreams

Your dream is to be the next Eminem or Beyonce. Sure go for it. I believe in you. This is positive encouragement.

Being a good influence means also telling someone reality. Be sure to tell them ‘Hey it might not work out for you but I will be here for all the highs and lows. The fails and wins’

You give great advice

Just as I stated above. Life is tough but what helps is having someone there who has been through it. They can give you advice whether it be something you want to hear or not.

A good influence is a role model

I look up to many people- my mom, Kobe Bryant and my dog. They are amazing role models who give great advice. I also know they are human and have their faults.

Being a role model does not mean being perfect. It means being nice, being confident, doing good and so much more.

The best role model is someone who owns their faults, learns from it and does not try to be perfect

You are always there

Whether they want to be a singer, got arrested or going through a tough breakup- you are the one who is always by their side.

There with great advice or just a shoulder to cry on. You are not the one who judges and that is what makes people drawn to you.

A positive influence is kind to all forms of life

Black, white, dog or child it does not matter as we are all living. People see that you do not judge others based on skin tone or what they have done in their life.

This is how we prevent racism and bullying by being kind to all people.

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You inspire others

What you do inspires others. Maybe they see you cooking a giant meal and get inspired to start cooking.

They can see you be nice and get inspired to be nice.

A positive influence has people wanting to be them. Maybe they admire the way you can go up to a complete stranger and strike up a conversation.

Again, do not be intimidated by inspiring people. Nobody is perfect

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You know how to keep your cool

You have to navigate your way through the peaks and troughs of life. By doing so, you can choose to fight or back down.

90% of the time, it is fighting for you. People see your powering through life as motivation that they can get through things.

You are not strong. You go home and cry sometimes. You persevere though and try to make things better.

This also means that you respond to an argument calmly and not go into killer mode. There is a time and place for that. So you try to take your time to listen, talk things out.

You do not take advantage of people

A great way of having an impact on people is by showing them the you are not someone who takes advantage of them.

You will not be the toxic friend nor will you use someone and hurt their feelings.

Down here in Alabama, people are known to take advantage of everyone. It is easy for them with their evil ways. The thing is, karma will get anyone who is mean. It is best to be nice and not let karma have a reason to take revenge

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What you must do is think about the influence you have on people. Has your actions made someone start drinking? Has your actions made someone feel beautiful about themselves?

In order to leave a lasting impression on this world, we must think of what others think of us. You do not have to care but you want to make sure when someone talks about you they are using kind words.

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