4 Successful New Ways to Improve your Stress Levels

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There are many various ways to relieve stress, examples include journaling, bath, nap, yoga… However, I think we should come up with some new ways. These ways above are good but tired and said in every stress post. #boring
I wrecked my brain coming up with some new ways that you may have heard or not have heard before. These I think are great tips. Some do include some exclusions which we will talk about when we get to them. These tips have had great success in the reduction of stress levels. This is great since the holiday season is upon us and we need all the stress reduction help that we can get.
I do hope you enjoy what I came up with. Go ahead and try them to see how they work out for you.

4 New and Improved Ways to Reduce Stress




Revisit being a kid

   You remember the simple times when the only stress was picking out which of your favorite toys would be featured in Show and Tell. Go back and revisit these times
Go to a park to play on the swings and slide. It’s good since you are outdoors with the sun and fresh air which we all know is good to help with stress, depression and other sorts of health issues. Just make sure you do this on days when kids are in school so it won’t be too awkward

Color and I don’t mean coloring in an adult book (which if you prefer it better then that is fine) but I mean children’s books. Color out of the lines like you did when you were 4, color a panda purple, a tree pink. Get creative.
The good thing is crayons usually cost no more than $4 and the coloring books are normally even less. So go out there and color the world like a kid.

A mermaid coloring book here

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Unicorn coloring book here

Photo of a child coloring
Image of dream for coloring
 Artsy Dee has some great printable including a Anglefish and shamrock. Which you can view here and here
         Fly a kite or play chalk. Again both activities are done outdoors so that is a plus. Not to mention kites are wicked fun.
Dollar Tree has kites for $1
Amazon has 160 washable sidewalk chalk here
Candle that says let your dreams take flight with chalk
Jealous of a kid toy? Don’t be, just go to the store and buy it
You don’t have to lose your youth just because you hit a certain age. As long as you can find the balance between being a kid and an adult then it is fine.



 This is a great idea for relieving stress for so many reasons.
You are helping out someone or something who is less fortunate than you. This person/animal will be forever grateful for your service. It makes you put someone else ahead of yourself
Can’t forget about good karma. Do nice things for others and nice things will come your way
It puts your life in perspective. If you are stressing over materialistic things, you volunteer and see how people can be happy with the few things they have.
Now I am not saying go out and volunteer for 7 hours a day or 50 hours a week. Just go for even an hour and your life will be changed.
https://www.volunteermatch.org/ is a great site for finding ways to volunteer in your city *not sponsored*





Decorate/ Makeover

This is a fun and inexpensive way to de-stress. Not to mention you don’t have to just redecorate your house, you can redecorate yourself or even your friends.
Changing anything up always makes you feel good since it’s like a rebirth in a sense. 

 I always change up my hair color. When I am upset or just done with my current color, I just choose another one. You don’t need to buy hair color that lasts for two months, they make the next wash hair color. 
Cut your hair is a suggestion too.

 My mom always moved the furniture around every month. She would always suggest I move my things around in my room but I just can’t. Everything has to stay the same and be in its place. I’m good with change, I am just not good at rearranging my things. 
  • Move that photo to the other wall
  • Buy another photo
  • Move your tv to the other side 
  • Buy new bed sheets
  • The list goes on and on

Another thing you can do is change up your friends. Get rid of the friends that cause bad vibes, never are there for you, lie… You don’t need these kinds of people in your life.
You have touched many hearts
You deserve to have people that love, support and care for you
It may be hard to change up friends but in the end when you get rid of anything causing bad vibes, then life will be so much easier. 


    Ahh yes, it is that word again. Of course, you have seen my post Why it is important to have a staycation if not, then go read it, we will wait until you come back… Done?? Good so now you know why I love talking about it so much. 
A staycation is just so simple, inexpensive and you don’t even have to go outdoors if you want!!!! 
Protip- Turn off your electronics. Yes, every single one you own, even your beloved video games. You don’t want to see what Jane is up to or why Jim is stressing out or why Josie is having ‘the best day ever’ 
Pro Protip- Don’t watch the news. Knowing what is happening in the world is some people’s big trigger. Better to stay away from the news on the tv and on your electronics. Ps Social Media counts as ‘news’ 


 Stress Is just one of the many bad things we do not need in life. This is why so many people have great tips. 
Share some of your favorite tips down below

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