New and Improved Ways to be Productive

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In life, many things people have trouble with are how to be productive. Or manage their time in a productive manner. 24 hours a day with the need of sleep to get things done is really a hard task for anyone. 

What can we do about needing to get things done in so little time? That is a good question

Today we look back on the old methods to be productive. Then discover new and improved ways to spend our time.

Old ways to be productive

A daily to-do list-

Do not get me wrong, a daily to-do list can come in helpful. But not all the time. I try to keep a to-do list but then my anxiety runs about what I need to do then I get depressed and feel like a failure if I did not complete all the tasks

Do the hardest thing first

Why is this old method bad? This can cause more stress on you making you not want to complete the task or any other task.

If you do choose to implicate this method- try doing the hardest thing last or on another day

Take more breaks

Take it from me, this is a bad idea. The more breaks you take and the longer the breaks, the less you will have any motivation to finish your work. Sometimes it takes hours to clean my tiny house. I take breaks and then get too comfy resulting in me not wanting to finish

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New and Improved Ways to be productive

Pomodoro Technique

We shall take a queue from the talented Tom Hanks. A method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s. Tom used this method to write his latest book. What you do is work for some time then take a break.

How to use the Pomodoro Technique?

  1. Chose a task to be done
  2. Set a time for 1-2 hours
  3. Work on the task until the timer is up
  4. Take a 3- minute break
  5. Go back and finish the task
  6. Do this until the task is done or the timer goes off 3 times

Why does it work?

  • helps you clear your mind
  • helps stress less
  • a snack break is always good

Do the easiest thing first

As stated above, doing the hardest thing first can be aggravating. Starting with the easiest chore first means more time to complete what has to be done.

Why people do not suggest this more often is beyond me.

Add some music

Nothing motivates me more than music. In order to make what I am working on go faster, I have to play the radio.

My only problem is commercials. I HATE COMMERCIALS. Even tv commercials.

What I find best is Pandora, Amazon Music or even I Heart Radio (my favorite as I can listen to my favorite stations from Boston while living in Alabama).


Journal while I am trying to use my time wisely? Yes, you read that right. As we know, breaks are very important. You can whip out your journal during those breaks.

Think of it as an improved to-do list. Instead of writing down what you need to get down, you write down what you are feeling and such while getting this done.

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What to write down

  • how you are feeling
  • steps you are taking to complete the task
  • what music is helping you


Choose what method works for you the best. Do not be afraid to try all the old or the new and improved methods. This is the only way to discover what is best.

Remember– time should be cherished meaning if you do not finish a task, do not try to stress over it. In the long run, anything you do really in life does not matter. Just be a good person and try your best

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4 thoughts on “New and Improved Ways to be Productive”

  1. This is such an awesome post on how to be more productive! I love that you’re suggesting writing it down and doing the easy things first. Totally agree with you since I often feel overwhelmed when I look at my long to do list and once I start checking off the easy stuff then I know I can get through the list!


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