The Very Best Self Care Tips for the Summer

Each season comes with special features. Leaves falling in the fall. Beach playing in the winter. Each feature is great for self-care. 

Since it is nearly summer, we are discussing self-care tips for the summer months. Some of these are great all year long if you live in a warm climate like Florida. Some are just for those 3-4 months everyone has in their respective summer season. 

Breaking it down into the 6 areas of personal development. So enjoy your summer but also take care of your well-being 

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Why self-care in the summer is important

You may not think summer self-care is important. I mean you got winter where it is cold and the sun sets early. What is to hate about the summer? The warm weather, the long days? 

Truthfully summer could take a huge toll on your mental health 

  • hydration
  • self esteem
  • thinking of summer love
  • the depression after the summer 
  • the sunburns

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How can you make self-care easier for yourself in the summer


Be present

Know where you are and do not take anything for granted. Use all of your senses and personal development ideas listed down below to your advantage

Say No

It can be hard to say no especially when you meet that hot, tan, muscular guy who wants to take you skinny dipping with his friends. They may be hot but do not ever make yourself do something that you are uncomfortable with

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Watch the sunrise

Watch the sunset

Smell all the smells around you-

  • The fresh flowers
  • The salty ocean 
  • The rain
  • The tanning products – hey they smell really good
  • The wet animals- if you have any. Do not be trying to smell a squirrel after it rains


Exercise in the early am or late evening

Experts recommend if you work out during the summer do it in the early am or late evening. 10am-3pm is considered the hottest time of the day so best to avoid it during that time.

If indoor exercise is not your thing, then swimming is a great alternative.

Sunscreen and Hydration

The most important self-care tip for summer is to keep yourself well-hydrated.

Fun Fact- I once got heat poison at the beach even though I had McDonald’s and was drinking. I got a 3rd degree burn and that night I had to go to the hospital for fluids. Now I get sick in the heat very quickly.

I put sunscreen and hydration in the same part as sunscreen is hydration for your skin. If I used sunscreen then maybe I would have not gotten so burnt and would have not gotten sun poison.

hydrate x3, flowers, key



No one is saying to go to all 50 cookouts you are invited to this summer. Just try to go to one. Maybe someone will be there that catches your eye and you can have a summer fling or a lifetime romance



Be thankful

No matter what spiritual figure you look up to (if any) you should always be thankful

  • thankful for the heat
  • the sun
  • the sunrise
  • the sunset
  • the rain after a hot day
  • the air conditioner/fan
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Play with sidewalk chalk

The benefits of playing with sidewalk chalk are extensive

  • revisit being a kid
  • will wash off when it rains
  • can draw whatever
  • can just be a heart with names in it (it is what I do)
  • colorful
  • gives you outdoor time

Scavenger Hunt

Haha yes, I do talk about this in basically every other post. I just think making and working on a scavenger hunt is fun. Great for personal development

Why? Just read my post on Why and How to create a scavenger hunt ps the post includes two free printables


Summer, spring, winter and fall practicing good self-care is important for all.

Listen to your body, your heart and your mind then you will have the best time.

Enjoy your summer. Any plans this summer? Any plans you wish you could have?

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  1. Love these! Thanks so much for sharing and very true, it really needs to be done all year long and it can be so much fun too 😉


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