20 Best Journal Prompts for Parents

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Let’s face it- parenting is the hardest job in the world. I know this to be true even as a pet parent. Taking time for yourself can be even harder. Why not journal your thoughts when you do have time to yourself?

Do not worry if you miss days. The purpose of journaling is to get peace of mind.

Let us get into the best prompts for parents. These 20 prompts you can use for your journal or it can just help you get some ideas.

Remember dads these are journal prompts for you too. Just change them up if you need to.

Benefits of journaling for parents

Just in case you are wondering why you should journal even as a parent.

  • you can write down tips for future dates. Ex- how to make a child stop crying
  • stress less
  • clears your mind
  • take all the anger of parenting out on your journal
  • take the depression of parenting out on your journal
  • you do not even have to journal about being a parent
  • you can write down memories
  • you can teach your kids how to journal when they get of writing age
  • you can write down things about your kids to show them when they get older
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Best Journal Prompts for Parents

How has life changed since being a parent?

The advice I would give to my pregnant self with my first child

What I love about each of my kids

Would I redo my life over again and not get pregnant yet? Why?


What I hate and love about my kids’ baby daddy or baby momma

About me

Describe what you love doing when you get time to yourself

What I love/hate about my kids’ grandparents

How I want my kids to remember me as a parent

3 kids sitting, red heart, life lessons

What I love/hate about being a parent

The advice I would give to any new parents

What I learned from being a parent

Would I rather be a kid parent or an animal parent? Why?

If you have animals, describe them

What are your hopes and dreams for your children

Favorite parenting books

Books your children love

Foods your kids love that you hate

Foods you love that your kids hate

X rated prompts

How my sex life changed

Describe a perfect date night

Write down some things you want to make sure you teach your kids about love and sex when they get old enough

How has romance changed, if it has

Favorite position during pregnancy


Remember, journaling is not just for depressed, lonely people. It is for everyone. Everyone has issues they have to face and journaling is a great outlet.

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Journal when you can. Journal when inspiration strikes.

Never leave your kids unattended just to journal. Remeber you have a responsibilty to protect those little trouble makers.

Good Luck

Join the discussion. Are you a parent who wants to take up journaling?

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13 thoughts on “20 Best Journal Prompts for Parents”

  1. for sharing these fantastic journal prompts for parents. It’s great to have a resource that helps us reflect and connect with our children on a deeper level. I’m excited to incorporate these prompts into my journaling practice and create meaningful conversations with my kids.

  2. I’m single but reading this gives me an idea for the future. I will make do journal like this for my future kids.

  3. These are awesome! I never maintained a journal but I know I should, it would help a lot with my self-care routine I am sure.


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