Life Lessons from Recent Disney Cartoon Movies

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What I love about movies is that you can take a lot away from them like a change of emotions and a change of perspective. Disney movies are a classic example of this. They are one of the most popular cinematic makers who teach you life lessons. 

Let us be real though, some of their lessons are made up. Like Cinderella. Sure you can find your prince charming but I highly doubt he will

Reminds me of the song “Mad at Disney” by Saem Ilese

With that being said, Disney also teaches us true lessons. My post about Encanto is an example. Today we will be looking at some of the best lessons in Disney movies over the recent years. 2017 until now. Buckle up because we have a long way to go. 


My favorite Disney movie besides Aladdin. Coco tells a story about a kid who aspires to be a musician. One fateful Day of The Dead, he touches Ernesto de la Cruz’s guitar thus transforming into the Land of the Dead.

I first saw this movie on October 30, 2022, right after I lost my baby bear. It made me cry as it is a movie about people who have passed

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Life lessons-

  • Be careful when choosing friends
  • Always chase your dreams
  • music is powerful
  • family is everything
  • our loved ones are never too far away
  • celebrate life
  • celebrate the ones who left


In a world populated by human-like animals, we follow Judy who dreams of becoming the first rabbit officer in her little city. She got all the skills and 1st in her class yet is put on parking duty. We follow along as Judy tries to prove herself.

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Life lessons-

  • never be afraid to pursue your dreams
  • you are not weak because you are female
  • people can change
  • never judge anyone
  • believe in yourself

Zootopia is highly respected because it is centered on prey and predators. A James Madison University student wrote a brilliant piece on this. You can read that here

A must-watch for all people


A beautiful movie based on a young girl named Moana who sets out to find Te Fiti and fix her island before it is destroyed.

Life lessons –

  • Never be afraid to do what your heart wants even if it is against your family’s wants
  • be brave
  • learn your true past
  • sadness and anger can turn someone evil
  • do not give up even when things get hard

Frozen 2

The beautiful second film of the Frozen franchise. Elsa, Anna, Olaf, Sven and Kristoff back at it. Elsa is on a journey to self-discovery.

Life lessons-

  • Growing up can be hard
  • understand that your ancestors were not perfect either
  • time heals
  • focus on what you can control
  • step out of your comfort zone
  • finding yourself is a long, hard path but worth it
  • having emotions is ok
  • the truth is hard
  • the dark road ahead will lead to the light


Sea monsters that live in the ocean. Sea monsters turn into humans when they are dry. Luca is a sea monster that lives in the ocean. Like Ariel, he ventures out into the land. He meets a fellow child sea monster that lives on land. Luca sneaks out and runs from home to hang out with his friend. We follow their journey.

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My description is bad. Kind of an odd movie but does have some valuable life lessons we can take from Luca.

Life lessons-

  • friendship is beautiful
  • some people will accept you while others will not
  • people are different and that is ok
  • knowledge is powerful
  • parents just try to look out for their children
  • take risks

A con of this movie is that Luca literally runs away. Sure you want your kid to have freedom, friends, fun but you should not be teaching them to run away because their parents told them no. Parents are trying to protect their kids is all


Turning Red

Turning Red is based on a young female teen. We follow her journey through the struggles of growing up. The catch is she turns into a panda when she is too excited. Can she control what is happening to her? How does she cope with turning into a panda and still growing up? A must-see for teens.

Life lessons-

  • life is full of embarrassing moments especially when growing up
  • bullying is bad but sometimes all they need is friendship
  • expressing your emotions is ok
  • you can not face everything alone
  • do not be afraid to be yourself and not what your parents want you to be
  • having your period is normal and nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about


You can always find lessons about life anywhere. Do not be afraid to look closer

What is your favorite Disney movie? What movie did I miss? Join the discussion below

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