The Benefits of Having A Sex Journal+ Prompts

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Let’s talk about sex baby.

How do you know if your sex life is satisfying? For many people, the answer isn’t clear. However, if you want to keep the spark alive in your bedroom, it’s important to document what you and your partner are doing. Sex journals can be a fun way to boost your relationship and keep track of the intimate moments that make it so special.

What is a sex journal?

Basically, it is a personal journal all about sex. Your sexual experiences, couples sex journal

Benefits of a sex journal

What I love to do is make a couple’s sex journal. One person writes down in their journal while the other does the same. Then you come together to talk about what you wrote. This down does not include past experiences. Below I give some couple of journal prompts.

Like any journal, a sex journal can be a great way to express your feelings.

Be warned- the journal may bring up some traumatic experiences

Getting to know your ‘sweet’ spots is best for both your pleasure and your partners.

Journal prompts for your sex book

Describe in detail your deepest desire

Describe your first sexual experience

How can you improve in sex

Favorite position

Do you use toys? Favorite kind

Ever had a threesome, foursome? Are you open to one

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Ever had a same-sex experience?

Describe a celebrity sexual fantasy that you have

Take a hint from Monica from the hit tv show Friends. The clip, the meaning from Bustle. Write down the spots which you find the most pleasure

opt in

Sex journal prompts for couples

How do you think your partner can improve

Describe the sexiest thing about your partner

Describe what you wish they would do more often in bed

Describe your fantasy with them

Favorite sexual position with them

Describe a fantasy romantic night

Positions you wish to try with them

Write down some karma sutra positions you would like to try. When completed, write down how the experience was

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There are a lot of benefits to having a sex journal. Not only will you get some great bragging rights, but you’ll also learn new things about your mind, body and romantic partner. Plus, it can help equip you with information and awareness that could improve your sexual performance in the future.

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