20 New, Best Journal Prompts for the Fall

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The days are getting shorter and the weather is cooling down (BOOOOOO). Which means fall is here. To celebrate this season, I’m sharing my 20 favorite journal prompts for fall. Some of these prompts could be used year round while others are meant to be enjoyed when the weather starts changing colors — and mindsets — in autumn months.

Before we begin, we must ensure we have all the essential stationery supplies. You can check out my post Top Stationary Products You Must Own. For those who can’t afford more supplies, then a pen, pencil and paper (preferably a notebook) will do you just fine.

20 Fall Journal Prompts

-If you live somewhere they have the changing of leaves, find some and tape them to your page. Write the date you found them and a short story about what their life might have been like

-What is an ideal fall day and evening like?

-Besides the weather, what are the best and worst things about fall?

-Write a short horror story about the changed leaves coming to life to seek horror in the town. Include the words- pumpkin and autumn

-Write a poem with the letters of the word- FALL JOURNAL

what falls means to me journal prompt

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-My favorite memories and traditions of the season

-Fall as a person

-Fall tv shows to binge

-Fall songs

-The leaves are dying, the sun is setting early and the weather is getting colder. What are some things you wish to end or change this fall season?

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-Goals for the rest of the year

-Find some photos of your favorite fall fashion or write down some fall fashion inspiration

-Write in detail how your house or bedroom would look for the fall season

-Write a short story where you and 9 people are trapped in a corn maze the size of California

-Favorite fall recipes

-Go into nature. Write what you see, smell, hear, feel and taste?

fall self care journal prompt

-Imagine you were a squirrel, where would you hide your nuts?

-Write a short story about what you would do if you were an animal who hibernates



Fall journal prompts are a great way to help you get into the mood for fall. They can help you focus on the beauty of nature and the changing weather.

Whether your journaling is about what you’re grateful for, or how your day was, these prompts are sure to inspire your next entry.

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