Important Life Lessons from Barbie

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Barbie has come a long way since her debut in 1959. The one thing that has not changed is the valuable life lessons she continues to teach everyone. 

Barbie may have been made specifically for little girls but it is ok for boys to play with them.

Behind the Barbie

Barbie is a fashion doll created by American businesswoman Ruth Handler, manufactured by American toy company Mattel and launched in 1959. The toy is the figurehead of the Barbie brand that includes a range of fashion dolls and accessories. Barbie has been an important part of the toy fashion doll market for over six decades. Mattel has sold over a billion Barbie dolls

Barbie Life Lessons

Do not accept being a side or background character

It is always Barbie and Ken, not Ken and Barbie. Barbie has fantastic qualities but Ken is also great.

Ken excudus Kenergy. You may have heard of this term from the record-breaking 2023 Barbie movie. But what does it mean?

Kenergymen who support women with an open hand and confidence.

This talks about how Ken is always so supportive of everything Barbie does. This in fact probably helps Barbie exude more confidence than she already has.

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Friends and family are important

In most cases, we really do not see much of Barbie’s parents. What we do see are her younger sisters- Stacie, Skipper (always a favorite doll of mine) and Chelsea. She acts as a mother to them. Just showing how important being there for your family is.

The ever-so-popular Barbie has a ton of friends.

Style is important

Literally my fake person fashion inspiration and hero. Of course, she wears mainly skirts or dresses but you can find some with pants or shorts on. We all know Barbie loves pink and has some iconic outfits.

What is great is that she never fails to wear what she wants or break fashion rules while staying on top of trends.

We can all thank the talented Carol Spencer for designing such amazing outfits.

Barbie logo
Source- Wikipedia

Being nice is important

If there is one thing we know about Barbie besides her many careers and fashion, it is that she is nice to everyone she meets.

Why do you think she has so many friends? Being nice to people and even animals gets you far in life.

Friends, success and happiness are all benefits of acting kind toward everyone you meet.

In real life, it is vital to understand that you never truly understand how another person is feeling. So that one act of kindness or even saying hello can be a literal life changer for someone.

Barbie is still kind to everyone even if in the doll world no one really has any troubles.

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You do not need a man/women 

Yes, Barbie has Ken begging for her love and affection. Yes, Ken and Barbie have been a couple for decades until their break up. She does not need him though.

Mattel Extra Doll– Legit me and Kobe but Kobe looks different

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Barbie life lesson- You can be anything

Literally the slogan of the dolls. Knowing that you can do all you want is such an important lesson.

Whether you are a female, male, old, young, blonde, black….

It can be very hard trying to achieve what you wish in life but there rewards are far worth it.

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Life lessons from 2023 Barbie movie

Many people have been moved so much by the story of the movie that I thought it was important to share a few of those valuable messages.

Woman have rights

We should be treated as equals. Not judged based on our looks or age. Not be looked at as idiots who need a man or someone else’s help to do things.

Do not ignore the struggles of any gender

Face it, Barbie lives in a world that is focused more on the women doing everything and the guys doing nothing.

In the movie, their land goes from female-controlled to male-controlled. By the end of the movie, their world comes together so men and women have equal rights

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I am inspired by Barbie because she is brave enough to try new things without being afraid of failure or rejection. I am inspired by her because she always moves forward with her head held high despite all the obstacles that may come her way on her journey toward success in life.

Mainly I am inspired by her fashion sense.

How does Barbie inspire your daily life?

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  2. The first tip resonated with me so much! For so long, I have felt like a supporting character in others’ lives instead of a main character in my own life, in community with others. Thanks for sharing these tips.


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