The Most Easy Habits to Achieve Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an important self-development aspect. Creating a moment-to-moment awareness of your life.

Many people are always connected to an electronic device which reduces their ability to be mindful. Other people are more worried about the future or past to really focus on the now. No one really just takes a moment to pause and be mindful of what is going on.

Are you reading this because you are one of those people or know one of those people? The following are the easiest habits to achieve mindfulness. Made for people ages 2-999

Achieve mindfulness by connecting with your senses

You know the 5 senses-

  • hearing
  • seeing
  • smelling
  • tasting
  • touching

Taking into consideration the senses while doing everything in life will help calm you down.

Picture going on a walk in the forest- write down everything your senses show or tell you. I imagine the smell of flowers, I hear the birds chirp, I can feel the grass on my legs while I wear shorts, I can taste the fresh summer air and I can see the beautiful green scenery with the endless trees.

The next time you go for a walk or even to a friend’s house be sure to focus on your senses.

During high anxiety times, you can focus on your favorite sense. I suggest touching as it is the least stressful experience. You might not have something to taste, you don’t want to hear or see the people and the air might not be the best to smell.


Be Mindful of what you eat

Being mindful of what you eat is taking smaller bites of your food instead of chowing down. That does not mean that you have to eat like a snail. Instead, take your time and sip that drink every so often.

Doing this will help you enjoy your meal and make it easier for your body to communicate when it is full.

Sure eating less sugar, fewer calories and such is important for a healthy lifestyle but so is slowing down.

I like to take breaks during my meal as it helps with my acid reflux.

Be mindful of your breathing and heart rate

Most smartwatches these days have the ability to measure your heart rate. They know that keeping an eye on your health is important.

During a highly stressful time, both your breathing and heart rate go up. This is why most doctors suggest taking a deep breath in and out.

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You can count your own heart rate by finding your pulse on the vein side of your wrist, setting a timer for 1 minute and counting the pulses. A normal rate is 60-100 beats.

the body achieves what the mind believes

Be mindful of your manners

How is being mindful of your manners help with your overall mindfulness? It is hard to be nice in a world that can be so cruel.

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You do not have to be Sally Sunshine all the time. Instead have basic good manners.

  • listen to what others have to say
  • think before talking
  • breath before arguing
  • focus on other’s actions including their facial and hand expressions

Having good manners can help ease the stress of everyone around.

Parents do not forget to teach your children about mindfulness. It is vital in their life progress. Zsofia has some great tips at The Organized Family

Be mindful by journaling

Nothing like writing down your feelings and what you did during the day to really live in the moment. Well technically you would be living in the past but still.

Bullet journals help you focus on your tasks for the day. While regular journaling can help you focus on your real feelings.

I love to journal on my phone or computer. I do not wish to look back at what I wrote. I just am looking for a way to sometimes write down my feelings. I can type them out then delete everything when I am done. Which not only helps people not be able to read them but also helps keep my feelings in the past.

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Conclusion on achieving mindfulness

Achieving mindfulness is a lifelong process just like everything in self-development and life. Mindfulness is important though as we should appreciate all the little moments before we perish.

Choose the easy route when trying to accomplish max mindfulness. The easy way is the less stressful way.

How do you achieve mindfulness in everyday life?

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