New Journal Prompts for Students

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What I loved to do when I got to school while waiting for homeroom to start, was writing. I would write poems, short stories and anything that came to my brain. What I would have loved to write would be journal prompts.

Let us jump right into it since time is precious for students.

Why journal as a student

We all know journaling is one of the top 10 ways to reduce stress, brain dump and be creative. Being a student/teen has to be the most stressful time in life.

With the non-development of the brain, peer pressure, wanting great grades, getting into a good college, puberty and more.

Before we start with the prompts, make sure you read my Top Stationary Products You Must Own. This is very valuable information about what you need to start. You can also view my Journal Category page to get some more inspiration.

Top Journal Prompts for Students

What are you most looking forward to this year

What is your favorite thing about school

Write a short story where everyone else froze in time and you were the only one not and you were trapped inside

Do you believe school is necessary or important? Why or why not

Write a short story about what you would do if you were the principal for the month

Write a short story about what you would do if you were a teacher for the month. What class would you teach?

Write a poem using the words- popular, grades, detention and zombies

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This is cool- pens and notebooks

What school activities do you participate in

What is one activity that you would love to see

Write any advice for the kids that will attend your grade next year

Write about your school. The good, the bad, the best teacher…

journal- write a letter to yourself at 30

What do you like more- reading or writing? Why?

Write what a normal school day for you is like

Write what you think it means to win, to be successful and how you can achieve these

What do you like to do when you are stressed, depressed or just want the world to disappear?

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Who is our favorite teacher ever that you have had? Why?

Worst teacher and why

opt in


Those are just a few journal prompts that any school-aged student can find useful. I hope this gives you some inspiration to start a journal or even just start writing.

Stay safe, do your best, be kind and have fun. Remember- your friend group does not define who you will become or who you are. Life is more then school


Did you graduate? What grade are you going into this year?


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