Top 10 Budget Friendly Ways to Make Gift Giving Less Stressful

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Tis the season for presents. A stressful time to begin with now you have to think of a great gift for someone.
Fact- people will return, throw away or give away their presents. Either because they hate it or it just doesn’t fit.
I created a budget friendly gift guide that will help you stress less, save money and give your friends something to help them stress less. Improve your wellness while improving others. These gifts are thoughtful and useful so they won’t be thrown away lol. There are 10 to choose from. So chose 1 or chose all.
Get it for Christmas, birthday or any day you feel like saying ‘Hey I thought of you’.


My favorite thing about journals, notebooks and even pens is that they are not expensive. They are also very cute. I tend to collect them for those reasons. I must have 30 notebooks.
Journals are great for mental health. You can write whatever you want, whenever. I love writing so my therapist says to write my emotions when I wish to self harm

This I would give my friend the marble in the back so I could take the rest. They are just beautiful


Prompt books

What are these you may ask? Well they are prompts where you learn to write. They give you a scenario and you have to come up with a story. It is like reading but instead you are getting lost in a world you created.
There is this whole series on Amazon called Prompt Me that looks really cool


This I thought would be cool also. It is a journal and prompt book. Not a prompt book for writing but one to help with your mental health. One of the pages says “List three activities that make you feel happy.”


A book

Do you know someone who loves to read but you never know what kind of books they like? While if you watch any Youtube videos then you would know about Audible. The site where you can get books or podcasts and listen to them on your tablet, phone or anywhere else. 

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A better site would be Audiobooks Now. Why is it better

  1. You don’t need to pay for a monthly subscription
  2. If you want to it will only cost $33 with a free 30day trial
  3. They offer other plans
  4. You get 50% off your first audiobook and discounts on the rest

With many more good things.So much more better then any other audiobook site. I am not saying this just because I have an affiliate link. Nope I am saying it because it is true. Click below to go to their site ??

Audiobooks Now signup


Give that unorganized person a hint. Tis the new year for change and get back to being the best us we can be.
I i usually buy 2 planners. I am getting Tracie Forbes planner for my blog


Pens and Markers

Any journalist or even blogger who uses notebooks needs some pens.
Pens are just another thing I collect. Like notebooks, they are cute and usually affordable.

A Sharpie pen and markers is essential

These iBayam journal planners pens are truly the best. 18 colors for a low price that won’t bleed through

*Protip* It is best bet to buy black or blue pens



Humans spend 1/3 of their time alive sleeping. Most people neglect buying pillows or don’t even relize that they should be changed every once in a while.

As kids, we hated when we got stupid stuff like socks and pillows. In reality, those gifts were actually really thoughtful

White pillow, grey blanket near mug


Throw blanket

On the same topic as pillows. I just love sitting on the couch with my throw blanket, coffee, the radio, my puppy and my sudoku book.

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Amazon gift card

Let them choose their gift. Let’s face it everyone has Amazon these days. Which is why Jeff Bezoz can afford to go to space *owner of Amazon. Name may not be spelled correctly*


I just love how they package the cards. So elegant

Scavenger Hunt

A fun idea is to make your friends a scavenger hunt. Especially if they are competitive. You can watch them compete for a random present of your choice.
Need some inspiration, you can sign up and get my Free Scavenger Hunt Printable by subscribing below



Can’t afford much but still want to give them something special? Why not make a card. Better than buying one. It is bound to put a smile on even the coldest person’s face. A gift from the heart.
All you need is a sheet of paper and a pen.
I got the perfect card to make. It is a 3d Popup Card that is simple that a 6 year old can make *with help from an adult*
  • Write something special
  • A poem
  • Draw them something
  • Print photos that help with stress like beaches and glue them to the card


The best gift to get someone is to be there for them. You never know if they need a friend to talk to or just hang with. They may be experiencing something personal and just need your friendship.

Spending time with loved ones and friends also helps with your mental health. Destress with the people with a movie night which cost no money.

Not to mention you never know how long you are going to be able to see that person. Not to sound morbid but it is true.

Be safe always. Cherish the ones that matter most. Time is precious. Be kind to all

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