Important Lessons from Kobe Bryant to Live By

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Kobe Bryant- NBA champion, Olympic gold medalist, Oscar winner, girl dad, husband… A hero whom the world lost on January 26, 2021.

As you may be aware, I am a die-hard Kobe Bryant fan. Always will be. Always was. I have been writing about him a lot on this blog.
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This year for his birthday (August 23) I decided to do something different. We are going to talk about the important life lessons I have learned from being his supporter. I was inspired to do this post from a book I got on Amazon. You can see it below and get it here

Kobe Bryant life lessons from a legend

No matter who your hero is, they always have those lessons that you hold near. The ones that change you for the better. Change your life. My hero was no different.

Life Lessons I Learned from Kobe Bryant

*Always have the Mamba Mentaility

What does this even mean? Kobe’s nickname was the Black Mamba. A beautiful yet deadly killer, feared and quick.

Black mamba snake via Wikipedia

“To sum up what mamba mentality is, it means to be able to constantly try to be the best version of yourself,” added Bryant, who did just that during his 20 seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. “That is what the mentality is. It’s a constant quest to try to better today than you were yesterday.”

This is what Kobe Bryant said. Source

Carpe diem

One of Kobe motto that he had on his website is Carpe Diem which means seize the day.

If you want something then take it

If you want that championship or promotion then take it. No I don’t mean illegally

When Kobe was first starting in his ignorance, he was be a ball hog. He would do whatever it took to win. Working 24/7 on his skills.he wanted to become the best no matter what. He became one of the greatest.
When the Lakers had a lacking team, he would be a ball hog and take command. He told the organization he needed help and he got it. That hard work helped him win championships.

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Let others help you but also know when it is time to step up and out. If they won’t help then you take over.

*Be better than everyone else

Not just better than everyone but better than yourself. No matter what you do, do it with 100% effort. Work hard.

You want to be the best in your field then that takes sacrifice and hard work.

*Family is important

Winning and your career is important. What are you willing to sacrifice for that? Kobe knew what it took to win championships and it meant not always being there for his family. Christmas was missed most years.

I wasn't willing to sacrifice my game, but I also wasn't willing to sacrifice my family time. So I decided to sacrifice sleep- Kobe Bryant white text on black background

He sacrificed his sleep which is never good. When he finally was able to retire, he took the much-needed time to be with his family. While still writing successful books and winning Oscars. He was a girl dad and made being a girl dad important.

Learn everything

Always continue learning. Learn about your career, hobbies and everything in between


Kobe Bryant will forever be my hero. I will forever take what he has taught me and use it to my advantage. Even after his body left the Earth, I continue to learn from him/ Be like Kobe and leave a legacy far beyond your passing.

Take his lessons of:

  • Working hard
  • Learning
  • Being the best
  • Being the best you that you can be

Here at Fablemoon Says we talk about trying to improve ourselves to not only improve our life but every around our lives.

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