8 Toxic Habits to Stop Instantly to Improve Your Life

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What is it about toxic things that make us go “hey that is cool”? Could it be the fact most of us were taught to get the attention that you have to be bad? Well, that stops now. Toxic traits are not going to help in life.

I love talking about toxic traits as I believe it is the easiest to talk about and the thing most people do not realize. We can be blinded in our attitude.

Instead of talking about toxic people to avoid, today we are talking about toxic habits WE need to stop. Yup, you can have toxic traits. So what are they? Read on

What are toxic bad for you?

If we go by Dictionary website, toxic is being affected with poison. It can also mean- causing harmful, unpleasant or bad feelings toward another person.

This poison could mean words or even actions towards oneself, another human or even an animal.

Harmful habits you should stop as soon as possible

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Your living habits

We are not talking about the location. Though living in a city that gets lots of sun is great for mental health. So is living in a neighborhood where you feel safe.

We are talking about habits like not eating 3 meals a day with snacks in between. Personally, I eat 1 meal a day but snack on things.

If you consume lots of alcohol or have an addiction to drugs then you are being toxic to your body, mind and everyone around.

Make sure you are drinking at least 1 cup of water a day. I hate water so I drink Gatorade.

Bad money habits is toxic

I am not the one to talk about this as it is a terrible habit of mine. This has lots to do with my depression and thinking if I buy a cup or something then I will be ok. This is not true.

If money is your toxic habit then here is what you can do

  1. seek a financial advisor
  2. seek a therapist to find the reason for overspending
  3. make a budget
  4. have a friend you trust very well to take over your money
  5. download my mood tracker + expense tracker down below

Keeping toxic people in your life

Toxic people are no good for anyone. They can drain the life out of you, take everything you have and even make you feel terrible.

The more time spent around these people, the more they get into your head. Their toxicness can turn you into a toxic person. That is not something you need or want.

Instead, surround yourself with people who will be there for you and help keep you sane.

Remember– you do not want to be the toxic person in someone’s life neither so be kind.

Never fear cutting people out of your life if it will help your own well-being. This even includes relatives.

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Doubting yourself

Life sucks. Sometimes life does not go as planned. That does not mean you have to doubt your skills. You do have skills, you just need to find them.

Yes, you will fail a few times but get right back up there. Do not make that failure, someone else or yourself keep you doubting yourself.

Stop comparing yourself to others.

In a world full of everybodys, be a somebody

A toxic habit is not being yourself

This life is all we have to make something of ourselves and be our authentic selves. So why not be who you were meant to be even if that means other people can not handle it?

Not being grateful

Life can be hard. We do not always get what we want or even need. We do have the air to breathe, the birds to hear singing, the sight of the beautiful sunset and more.

When I was living in my home with no electricity, heat or running water inside, it was tough. After a while, I took a pen and paper to write down what I did have.

  1. batteries
  2. a grill
  3. a generator
  4. a portable fan
  5. a kerosene heater
  6. my mom
  7. my cats
  8. my dog
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I had to look at this list every day so I would not get too depressed or angry. Now, I have electricity, heat and running water inside.

So be grateful for the things you have and things will get better.

Too much social media

The world is obsessed with social media. Youtube, Twitter, Tiktok… The more views, the more one is accepted.

These platforms make it hard for people to say how they really feel. One wrong word and BAM banned from the site.

This nonsense of social media makes us compare each other. 10,000k views on your video? Pathetic. Not making $5,000 a day? Bad person.

These people share things that others want to see. Not their real life. We live through them thinking everything in their life is perfect even if it is really just like ours minus the money + fame.

What you need to do

  1. get off your phone once in a while
  2. have a day without social media
  3. head into nature
  4. see the world through your eyes, not the lens

Caring about what others think of you

No one dictates your life besides you. No matter what your toxic friends or even toxic parents think.

You should not care if Sally does not like your hair. Or Eugine thinks you need to start exercising. No.

If they have a right to be themselves then why can’t you? You are not here to please anyone. Ok, maybe 1 person if you wish to have a relationship. Even then, only care what they think to 30%.

Unless these people are saying something you need to hear. Like if you are in denial about your excess weight loss.

If they are not helping, then let them go.

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Sometimes toxic habits can go unnoticed. Which is why I created this list. You may have more. So the thing you need to do is keep a close eye on yourself.

If you are doing something dangerous, bad for your mental/physical/spiritual health then you must stop right now.


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