8 Tops Ways to Tell if You Have A Toxic Friendship

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  It has come to my attention that a few people are unsure of what a “friend” really means. This number of people seems to be increasing day by day.  They let these so-called ‘friends‘ do what they want while still caring for them. That is not right. These so call friends are toxic and are just a big no no.

As a true friend, I am here to tell you some key traits that a ‘friend’ does not have. You may think since I am a blogger trying to get you to read, follow and subscribe to my blog that I am not a friend but I am. As a true friend, I will not scam you or take your money and I will also come to your blog to follow, read, subscribe if you leave the link in the comments. 

So what makes a friend toxic? Let us find out. These are just 8 traits of toxic people, there are still plenty more.

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How to tell if your friendship is toxic

1. If your friend only talks to you when you have money

This means that your friend may be using you for money. This does not mean they are taking your actual real money. This means they have status problems and only care for people of certain money status

2. If your friend always wants something from you

   This means that the person is using you for something. Maybe it is money or it could be something as simple as a ride

3. If your friend says ‘we are done’ over stupid things

   For example- ‘we are done’ when you say that you don’t have something that the friend wants

4. Your friend makes you feel guilty when you can’t give them something they want

    When you can’t offer something they want, they will say something like “Oh so you are not my friend because you won’t … for me” This is sometimes followed by #3. This person is manipulative

5. This person will accuse you of doing things you are not

   For example- the person saying that you are dating someone who you are not. No matter how many times you tell them you are not, they will bring this up over and over again.

6. This person will not let you have a relationship even though they may be in one

   This is a sign of control. They say they will fight anyone who wants to date you. When you do start dating someone, this person will end the friendship. They want to be the only one in your life and will not accept anyone taking you from them

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7. This person spies or has people spying on you

  How does this person know you had company?? They have friends who are spying on you. These ‘friends’ of theirs may lie about what they see you doing which in turn makes the person accuse you of doing something you are not

8. You find that things are missing when you leave your friend alone in your house

   ‘Where did the $5 go??’ You remember … was over and you left them alone in your kitchen since you had to use the bathroom. The $5 was on the counter. You want to believe that the … did not take the money. You want to believe you did not put the $5 on the counter. Though you remember that things seem missing whenever your friend is alone. Hmm


What to do when you see that your friend is toxic


1. Change yourself- 

   Stop letting this person take things from you or use you. You have the right to say NO. Stop letting them take advantage of you. 

2. Confront this person-

   You want to make sure the person knows that what they are doing is hurting your feelings. 
Now the person may not think what they are doing is wrong or they may even think you are saying this to end the friendship. Stand your ground and don’t make this person think you are the problem

3.. Give the person time to change-

    Change is hard but if this person really cares for you then they will change. This is not an excuse to keep them doing what they are doing to you. It is a chance for them to change on their own before you take the next step

4. Exit the friendship-

   If this person can not change or if this person won’t accept what you are saying to them then kick them to the curb. You don’t need or deserve to be in a friendship like this. 
Ending the friendship will hurt for some time but in the end and future, it is worth it. You will find real friends


Real friends are hard to come by. If you are patient and know these signs, then you will find those real friends. It may just wind up being one 1 person or it could be a ton. It may take you until you are 40 but they will come.

Just make sure that when you do find that right friend you don’t become the toxic friend. No one wants or deserves a toxic person in their life.

Good luck

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59 thoughts on “8 Tops Ways to Tell if You Have A Toxic Friendship”

  1. Oh that is awful Beth, but I am glad you got done with her. You for sure do not need her. I do hope she learns from her mistakes to be a better person xx

  2. This is true, Nora. Sometimes the person with the toxic friend does not even want to hear it from an outsider. Which can be irritating even more xx

  3. Yes it can be Mandy. I have seen many people keep with toxic people because they want to see the 'good' in people. It is important for mental state to reid of these people xx

  4. "Real friends won't take advantage of you" such wise words and in the past my mummy has been dropped when she hasn't any money, people have stole from her and used her. Now she finds it hard to trusy anyone x

  5. Friendships can definitely turn on you as you get older. Your goals may change from one another or you may just have different views on things. This is such an important reminder!

  6. This is a really helpful post and may help some to identify toxic friendships that they hadn't realised were toxic. It is so important to know the signs. I now know some of my past friendships were toxic and am glad to be rid of them.

  7. I agree 100% on your tips. I had a friend who did none of these things; however. She was just a horribly, nasty person and I am thankfully not friends with her any longer!

  8. So important to recognize the signs especially as you get older. We have all be through this…it hurts but weeding out your life is necessary for a healthy one.

  9. Life is too short to put up with toxic people. I think it's important to keep your life free of toxic elements. You only have so much time on this planet.


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