Best Spring Decor Ideas To Boost Your Mood

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Winter blues- longer days, less sun and cold weather often cause people to get seasonal depression.  Spring blues- days get longer sun comes out more often but the depression is still there. Nothing better than to redecorate!!!

Spring may be here but kicking yourself out of the winter blues is tough. Luckily the easiest way is by revamping both your home decor and yourself. 

Some spring decor ideas to kick yourself into a better mood

Rethink the colors of your house

Colors have a certain effect on people’s moods and even the overall temperature of a house. 

For example– black often causes feelings of sadness because of its overall dark color. 

Shades of blue and yellow are the best. 

Blue wall paint keeps the room cool over the summer and reminds you of the bright sky

Yellow is bright which reminds you of the sun. Bring overall a good mood. 

If you do not want to go full-out paint or if your landlord won’t let you, then I suggest curtains.

blue star curtains
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An inexpensive way to decorate your house is with fake flowers. Flowers of every color. Real flowers if you can take care of them. Buy the real one’s at the store or buy seeds to watch them grow

I like to spray perfume on fake flowers to give them that fresh scent 

You can put some flowers in the center of your table for a cute table setting. I have black and purple fake flowers on my table.

Beautiful purple fake flowers are perfect. I have black and purple Buy Now

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Do not be confused as plants are different than flowers. Yes, technically flowers are plants but still. I mean cacti, big trees and all the plants.

Fake plants make you feel like you are outside tending to a garden. You can put little gnomes on the plant post as decorations. Buy some little gnomes here

Live Mini Cactus and Succulent Plants in 2″ Pots are wonderful because they do not need to watered alot- Buy Now

Wall Art for Spring decor

Like painting and shades but cuter. Wall art is great to boost your mood because it does not have to be just one color. it can be a funny cartoon image, your favorite NBA star, your favorite tv show or even your favorite quote. Whatever lifts your spirits.

I have a poster of Kobe Bryant in my room. I always wanted something like this (Amazon ad linked below) but I don’t want to buy the back for it

What is even better, is that places like CVS or Staples lets you make your own posters for like $50. Just bring a photo and choose what size you want.

What is even better then that is wall art is sometimes inexpensive. This means you can change it up whenever you feel like it. A field of flowers behind the couch for spring/summer to a snowy scene in the winter.

Wall art also considers things like a mirror or shelf.

Apartment safe Wall Art you could buy some reusable sticky tape adhesive- Buy Now

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Get some little knick knacks

Nothing better than buying cute little things to go on the shelf.

  • buy fish tank objects- I have Spongebob
  • a snowglobe
  • your favorite animal
  • crystals – different one help with different things like mood
  • something colorful like a sunlamp
  • something explicit but you would love- naked gnomes anyone (- ‿◦ )
  • buy trinkets in the garden section- the more gnomes, the better (ᕑᗢᓫ∗)
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Rearrange your house

Ack moving furniture is hard. My mom moves everything around when she cleans. Good to get the dirt away but takes so much time.

If you are in need of an inexpensive way to ring in the season, then rearrangement is for you.

  • Move the kitchen table to the window
  • Move your bed to the window
  • Move your dresser to the other side
  • Add some flowers to your room
  • Move the couch to the opposite side of the room

For people, rearrangement is never the answer. I like things the way they are. My mom used to bug me about moving my room around. She is one to move everything consistently (not just for cleaning.) I am like no thank you.

I do on occasion move my couch but not very often

Pro tip- If you are like me then I suggest you move something just a tiny bit. A few inches does not seem like a lot but it is.

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Change the color of your bed set

A simple way to add some spice to your life. You can not tell me your bed set is not decor because it is.

Do not want to change your beautiful sheets then add some decorative pillows. Go ahead and add some to your couch also.

I am a firm believer in changing your bed set. Sure my set is usually purple, blue, pink or a mix of those colors but I change the shade often. A reversible comforter or sheet also works.

This reversible comforter set is in multiple colors. Love the dark purple to light purple one- Buy Now

Conclusion on Spring decor

Everyone thinks that the new season brings happiness. That is clearly not true for someone who has seasonal depression or regular depression. We need some extra help.

These ideas were designed with you in mind my fellow depressors.

Do not worry even if you do not have mental health problems,s I do hope you employ these ideas.

What is your favorite way to spruce up your environment?

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