Top Self Care Tips for Beginners

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I am sure you have heard of self-care from your friends, tv shows and even celebrities. 

Here at Fablemoon Says, we talk a lot about self-care also. Today it is our topic of discussion. Wether you are an expert or starting out, I have some tips that can help you. I have included a bunch of my holy grail products that have made my life a lot easier

What is self care?

Self-care basically says what it is. It is caring for yourself. Whether that be mental, physical or spiritual. 

Why is it so important? 

Self-care is important for many reasons. Many practice self-care for mental health. 

You take all your energy and focus it on the people around you and you get burnt out. You never take care of yourself. This can be very bad. Not giving your own self-care can cause mental problems like burnout as well as physical problems. 

We all know sleep is an important part of a living being’s needs. Just as sleep is important, so is time alone. 

What are some beginner tips?


No, I am not saying that you are dirty. I am saying that a good bath or shower is great for your mental self. The steam from your shower is actually really good for your skin. This is probably why people love saunas.

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Dove lavender soap and lavender baby oil
Dove soap

This is the only baby oil that feels more like water than oil which is what I like. I hate my skin feeling oily. I do love the smell. Dollar General might sell them
Zzz text on blue cloud with pink background


One benefit of a steam shower is that it helps you sleep. Sleep is essential for any living being. I am a lover of sleep. Nothing like being able to escape from this cruel world to make up little fantasies in your mind before falling into a deep sleep. Only problem is that I tend to have many strange nightmares. #nofun

Here we have some benefits of sleep:

  • Helps clear the mind
  • Helps the mind relax
  • Helps the body relax
  • Great for your skin
  • Great for improving your mood.

Pamper Yourself

Just like taking a nice bubble bath. There are many ways to pamper yourself. A gym, a massage, a spa visit… Take the whole day or even the weekend to do something you love. Something that involves no one except maybe your animals.

Nail polish
A fun way I like to pamper myself is by painting my nails. I am not an expert but it makes me happy and relieves my stress.
LA Colors in Jazzy on the left. No Amazon link but it is at Walmart. You can see what Jazzy looks like on my Instagram
The other is Sassy Chic in 911 also no Amazon link

Lavender frost body lotion
I could not find this on Amazon but I think they sell it at Dollar General. I found an alternative Dove Whipped Lavender body cream (which I wish to try)
Clean aand clear face wash with a facial cleansing brush
My trusty Clean and Clear I buy this every month. Works great on my oily skin. The only thing I use that makes my skin not feel oily
Battery operated spin brush which I use without the batteries. The batteries make the spin brush go slow and I like to make it rough. I know I could have got manual but it came with other heads that I could use if I wish.

Eating/ Drinking right

I am by far the one who should be talking about eating and drinking right. However, it does improve body, mind and soul.

You don’t have to diet. You don’t have to stop drinking soda or eating those chips or fast food. What you do is have them in moderation.

For instance, one soda a day. The rest of the day drink water or even Gatorade. I buy these Gatorade bottles to fill my powder mix with

Fast food keep to once or twice a month.

Mix your chips up with some fresh veggies or fruit. They even make veggie chips. The key is to buy them with real veggies and not veggie powder


When you hear exercise I am sure you think of vicious cardio. Exercise I am talking about is easy.

  • Walking
  • Walking your dog
  • Running
  • Dancing to music
  • Playing in the pool
  • Playing in the park
  • Playing with your dog
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Exercise is anything that gets your heart racing and body moving. It does not have to be lifting weights 100pounds more then you weigh. As long as you do something for 30 minutes a day, every day then you are fine. It can even be playing an exercise video game

Keep calm text on blue cloud with ocean background


Everyone deserves a little self-care. Good human, bad human. Taking care of yourself can help you become a better person. When you feel good inside then you feel good outside. When you feel good inside and out then people start to notice.

This here is just an idea to get you started on your journey.

What has helped you? Share some tips down below

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