8 New and Improved Ways to Help Creativity in Children

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How can we help our children become more creative? After all, creativity is one of the most essential traits for a successful future.

Creativity is something that everyone can benefit from, no matter what age they are. Learning to be inventive and imaginative helps children learn about their own modes of thinking and develop problem-solving abilities.

There are many ways to ignite artistic development in everyone. Teach your children early with the following tips.

Protip– just because I said children does not mean people of any age can’t use this advice

Why creativity is important

Being creative can help in all aspects of life.

  • decorating
  • work
  • arts
  • crafts
  • writing
  • speaking

Essentially, creativity is as important as music in one’s life. Both have the power to change worlds and help our self-development.

How to increase creativity


Having a vivid imagination is a powerful thing. As long as you know the difference between imagination, fantasy and real life.

Dream often

Without dreams, we have no focus on life. I am not talking about the dreams while we sleep. No, the dreams that we wish to achieve in life while we are still humans.

The bigger the dream the better.

Teach your children it is perfectly fine and good to dream. Dream big.

Make sure they know their dreams will only become a reality if they work hard.

How can dreaming often help with creativity? Sometimes the best goals are ones that no one believes in aka the creative goals.

opt in

Give them the resources

A coloring book, a microphone or whatever they want.

Be sure to provide them with the materials to help explore their creative side

Be creative with them

We all know that kids look up to adults no matter what they do. They are like little sponges.

Instead of just watching them color or play with chalk, intake in the activity with them.

It will help with both their creativity and help decrease their stress levels.

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creativity is the key to life

Encourage them

Like I said before, teach them it is perfectly ok to imaginative and dream.

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Do not just encourage them with the materials. Encourage them by putting their achievements on the fridge, giving them little trophies, make a sticker sheet for when they do something that does not involve a technological device.

Let them use technology

I know many parents would find this idea to be useless. However, I know 40% of my inspiration comes from seeing what other people are into online.

How else will they know a Youtuber can make loads of money?

Just limit their technology to maybe an hour a day or however long you feel is an appropriate amount of time.

Bring them outside

Children should be playing outside. And we all know nature is a great way to find motivation and is a great stress relief.

Ex: Bring the kid to apple picking during the fall. This will bond the family but seeing the changing of the leaves, colors of the apples, the smells and everything else might give them some inspiration.

A Free Apple Picking Adventure Page download- here

Make sure they know it is ok to fail

As children age, they learn that what they create is not always perfect like family says.

This can lead to depression, perfectionism and stress at young ages. 

Make sure they know it is ok not to be great at everything. Maybe drawing is not what they are meant to be doing for money. But drawing for fun is always approved.

Do not stress if they make a mistake in what they are creating. 

Give them examples of people who have failed many times but have eventually succeeded. 

Let them know practice makes things better

I have not failed 10,000 timesI’ve successfully found 10,000 ways that will not work.

Thomas Edision


So there you have it. In order for children to excel in life, they have to have their creative side developed to its full potential.

In order for that to happen, we must help them. So use these tips every day.

How do you help ignite the creative side in your children, grandchildren, sibling or students?

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