Life Lessons We Can Learn from Greek Mythology

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Mythology is a vast and fascinating group of legends about gods and goddesses, heroes and monsters, warriors and fools, that were an important part of everyday life in the ancient world.

Today we are looking at the teachings of Greek Mythology. Including Hercules, Hera, Aphrodite, Icarus and more.


The story of Hercules is a tale of a strong demi-God, the son of the God Zeus’ and the mortal woman named Alcmene. Hera, Zeus’ wife was determined to make Hercules suffer for his dad s cheating. Kinda cruel really.

She sent snakes to kill the baby but little Hercules was too strong. Eventually, Hercules grew older and married a woman named Megara. With Hera’s evil power, she made Hercules murder his wife and children. (harsh)

Life lessons-

  • When doing bad things, set out for making things right. Hercules had to undergo 12 very harsh labors to rid his soul of the evil he had done
  • Don’t hurt your kid for his father’s mistake
  • Do not cheat
  • eventually, you will feel better and be rewarded after you right your wrongs


The goddess of beauty and love. You can use a spell to call upon her to help with love


  • Learn to love yourself
  • you are beautiful
  • love is powerful
  • forgive yourself and others
Aphrodite life lessons
Image by Dimitris Vetsikas from Pixabay

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We all know of this legend – the man behind the famous saying of 

icarus life lesson

Son of Daedalus, he told him to fly neither too low nor too high, lest the sea’s dampness clog his wings or the sun’s heat melt them. Being the dumb child he was, Icures ignored his father’s wishes. 

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This caused his wings to melt and him to plunge to death. 

The Icarus syndrome characterises leaders who initiate overly ambitious projects that come to naught, causing harm to themselves and others in the process


  • Listen to your parent for they know the best
  • Do not be too conceited
  • Even after disobey your parents, they still will love you
  • Know your limits

King Midas

Not a God but a king who was a greedy man. The god of celebration aka Dionyssus, very grateful to Midas for his kindness, promised Midas to satisfy any wish of him. Midas though for a while and then he said: I hope that everything I touch becomes gold. Dionyssus warned the king to think well about his wish, but Midas was positive. Dionyssus could do nothing else and promised the king that from that following day everything he touched would turn into gold.


  • be careful what you wish for
  • do not be greedy
  • your desires can have bad consequences
  • if you are able to make a wish, be humble
  • money and gold do not buy happiness
  • greed can take over your life


You may have not heard of his name but you have heard of the Personality disorder named after him, narcissist.

He was a man who was so obsessed with himeself that it caused him to waste away and die. Also named after the white Narcissus flower, a symbol of vanity, loneliness and unrequited love.

life lessons from narcissus
Image by Gianluca from Pixabay


  • vanity can cause you to go mad
  • you are beautiful but looks are not everything
  • beware of vanity
  • you have a personality disorder to get help. Get help by calling therapist
  • love is deeper than vanity

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Studying the past brings lots of life lessons. From mythology to black history. Be sure to educate yourself so you can teach others valuable knowledge you learn.

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